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As a team of collaborative partners, we are on a mission to share share knowdledge about the intricate world of complex tech stacks through engaging and immersive events.
Peter Engel

Peter Engel

CEO & Founder of Actuals

Nils Jansma

Nils Jansma

Partnerships Manager at Moss

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Yori May

Managing Partners at Torq.Partners

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Karel Gonzalez Hulshoff

Founder at Finstack

Founded by four partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join Scaling Finance events?

To be part of Scaling Finance events, sign up on our website. Once registered, we ensure you're fully informed on all related topics via email updates.

What topics are covered in Scaling Finance events?

Scaling Finance events cover topics crucial for modern finance professionals, focusing on skills necessary in a changing landscape such as process improvement and automation. Highlights include discussions on the importance of an exponential mindset, strategic use of data for growth, and the pros and cons of ERP and accounting systems. These sessions are designed to offer insights from industry leaders and foster engaging discussions among attendees.

Are the events open to finance professionals from all levels of expertise?

Yes, Scaling Finance events are open to finance professionals across all levels of expertise. We welcome anyone interested in the latest trends and insights in the finance industry.

How do I stay updated on upcoming events and initiatives?

To stay updated on upcoming events and initiatives, sign up on our website, check your inbox for newsletters, and join our LinkedIn group for the latest updates and discussions.

Is there a cost associated with attending Scaling Finance events?

No, there is no cost involved in signing up for Scaling Finance events. Registration is free. However, please note that some specific events might have additional costs, which will be clearly outlined during the registration process.

How can I become a partner or sponsor for Scaling Finance events?

To become a partner or sponsor for Scaling Finance events, simply indicate your interest in the designated "Become Partner/Sponsor" box on the registration form. Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly via email at community@actuals.io, and our team will provide you with further information and discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

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